Spain and Portugal- March 2017

Where in the world is Starship Travel, or better yet, “Where have Karen and Linda been to this year?” It seems hard to believe that we have been able to cover part of the world in such a short time, but we did it. When our friends and family ask us how and why we are covering so much territory, we tell them we are doing it for our clients, of course. From Spain and Portugal, to Arizona, to Mexico, to Alaska, and to New York in the past three months, Starship Travel is showing our dedication to our clients. Our slogan “We know what we sell because we have been there” is certainly our mindset as we travel around the world. 

From March 18th to the 27th, we experienced a wonderful escorted tour of Spain and Portugal with Insight Vacations. There were 34 travel agents and guides along for the journey. 

To say it was an ABC trip (Another Beautiful Church/Cathedral/Castle), is a understatement. We saw extraordinary buildings that are hundreds of years old, but beautifully maintained. 

The choice of restaurants and food offered were always unique to the area and tasted fabulous. Even the wine pairings were special to our meals! The service was always top notch, especially with our large group. 

Each hotel we stayed in was centrally located- walking distance to restaurants, shops and sights. However, we traveled by luxury bus to visit the ABC places. I am usually just a browser, but one could not resist the very upscale, high energy shops. I bought a souvenir cork purse and shoes in Portugal. 

Both Spain and Portugal are very beautiful countries, with great food, amazing sights and friendly people. The entire journey was more then we expected with great friends!