Starship Travel Family

Starship Travel is more than just a business- we are a family. After 34 years, we have made some great memories at travel shows, Christmas parties and many adventures!

travel show 2020

annual christmas party 2019

We had an amazing time celebrating Christmas 2019 at our South Elgin office

travel show 2019

Star agents- rising star award 2019

travel show 2018

the 500 club- sales excellence 2017

Travel show 2016 - 30th anniversary

Christmas 2014

better business bureau 2014

All star awards 2014

Givc awards at el dorado 2013

fam trip

One of our amazing Starship Travel trips!

Office christmas party 2013

Mast all-star awards

In 2011 and 2012, Starship Travel received the All-Star Award for over $1 million in sales from MAST. 

Travel show 2011

annual christmas party

Travel show 2001

christmas party 2001

Here is a major throwback to our Christmas party circa 2001