Downtown Chicago

We attended MAST’s Conference in Downtown Chicago for their 50th Anniversary.  We have always had our conference in a different city in the United States every year to experience a destination we don’t get to visit, this year it was Chicago, as Frank Sinatra sings “it’s our kind of town…Chicago is”. It was the largest conference attended due to it’s convenient location to all the Midwest agents, we had so many attendees we had to rollover to 2 hotels.  Going to the conference was a sheer pleasure. We loved not having to get on a plane to go somewhere and just playing “tourists” in our own city.  What fun! 

The conference was made up many meetings with vendors and suppliers of resorts, tour companies and cruise lines!  We stayed at the Renaissance where the conference was held, then we had the opportunity of seeing our great city from a different vantage point- the underground. The Chicago Walking Tour was an amazing experience that showed us the city in a whole new way.  

We had many choices of tours and dinners!  One of our events included a wonderful Twenties Party at No Name in Chicago, we were all dressed to the nines in the fashion of the roaring twenties, so fun.  The camaraderie amongst the members of Mast is so special. The Second City comedy club was another outing, unfortunately it was not well-suited to our travel agency family. It was just not our cup of tea! Optional tours of Chicago included an underground Architectural tour.  Funny, I have lived in Chicagoland area all my life and never knew there was an underground city.   So much fun and unique. Whenever offered the chance, our beautiful Downtown Chicago is a must-see!

Starved Rock

Train to twain tour

Wrigley field