Karisma FAM

Rose took an amazing Fam trip to Cancun with Karisma! Read all about it here.

The airport was packed, but safe and masked. Here is my gorgeous room with a view.

I dined at one of the many gourmet restaurants to choose from called Habb at Generations. The food was a bit spicy, but delicious.

Good morning Cancun! What a way to start the day. off to the El Dorado Maroma for site inspections, and a general session. There are only 9 Midwest agents who were invited.

In our learning experience, Paulina gave us some updates on existing and new up and coming properties. We went over the wedding information and packages too. Very informative.

For some additional insight to our training, here are some pictures and caption from Paulina. “KGI Fam Trip training for our Midwest GIVC accounts with Grupo Lomas at one of our El Dorado Spa Resorts, by Karisma “.

Next after Paulina was Pablo from Lomas Travel. He explained the services/partnerships we can have through using them. Not only do they have transfers to and from the airport, but also excursions and weddings! Personal transfers between hotels are also available. The owners, Joe and Dolores are genuine and loyal owners. It is nice to get out of the airport, and be greeted with a genuine smile. Great way to start the trip, thank you!

After our presentations, we had a great site inspection at the El Dorado Maroma. They have the best beaches and great rooms. Beachfront villas are great, and they feel like a true home away from home. All of the El Dorado’s have Gourmet Dining. This property is right next door to the Maroma Adventures.

Why travel all the way to Tahiti on the long flights when you can take a short 3 hour trip to stay in these beautiful over-water bungalows at the El Dorado Mamora for half the price? Here, guests have their their own butler. This hotel is great, and you can even walk over to use the facilities at El Dorado Maroma. We were greeted by a little gecko on our way.

I had the opportunity to visit the El Dorado’s Royale and Casita Suites. These are right next to the Generations hotels, which are adults-only. If you are staying at Generations, it is a quick walk over (or take a golf cart!) to use the restaurants, pools and bars. You can even get a massage on the beach, for an extra charge. The restaurant Fuentes prepares your meal in front of you- well worth the $10 surcharge. The El Dorado hotels have their own greenhouse, so all the veggies are fresh-grown above the ground.

After Royale and Casita, we were off to the El Dorado Seaside Suites. There are two sections here, Palms (pictured here) and the Affinity pool room. These properties share the same restaurants. This is the 1st El Dorado built.

Pictured below are the El Dorado Seaside Suites Affinity. These are beautiful rooms, but there is no beach attached. The Palms beach is available to guests here. Having the pool nearby, and listening to the waves was great.

We went on a hardhat inspection tour of the New Nickelodeon right next door to Generations. This is set to open next spring, with rooms that can hold up to 5 people. This property will not have any exchange privileges with Generations. The waterpark will be huge- perfect for kids! It will be included if you stay at the hotel, and will open up for others to visit.

The Karisma hotels have the best spas, and I loved the Naay Spa. From calming rooms to hyper pools, it was so hard to walk through without getting a treatment done. The spa at the El Dorado Seaside Suites is the largest spa in the Riviera Maya. Now off to Margaritaville!

Margaritaville Resorts used to the Azul, but what a change it underwent! Upon arrival, they took our temperatures electronically, handed out margarita pops, and transported us to the islands. Here is the lobby.

Pictured below are the lead room and the swim-ups. There are lots of pools available, and the beach is nice. The grounds are beautiful! Guests can customize their beverages and snacks.

Upon checking in, guests receive a bracelet which acts as the key to your room, lists any allergies and holds 2500 points per night/room for the Joe Merchant’s shop. The brown is for adults, silver for teens and red for 12 and under. What a great concept!

Here is staff member Carmen in the coffee shop (which is included!). Guests can choose from sweets to mini sandwiches.

And now to say Adios to Cancun! This Karisma Fam Trip was great. We learned lots of new information, and made some new friends. Thank you to everyone, but especially Paulina who was there for everything! Safe travels to all who want to travel to Mexico- buenos dios!