Travel Types

There are increasingly interesting ways to travel, whether via plane, car, cruise ship or even train, and even more adventures to be had. Starship Travel is here to give you the trip you’ve always dreamed of- whether it is an all-inclusive family trip or a solo journey!

For the adventurous traveler-

Train Travel is amazing for the traveler who loves adventure. Travel by Rail is unique because it allows travelers to see many locations while soaking up the incredible scenery, and then enjoying amazing excursions in several different locations. These trips are also very diverse from Alaska, Canada, Europe or even the Grand Canyon. 
Group Trips are also perfect for the adventurous traveler because it allows guests to meet several new people while exploring a brand-new location. Starship Travel has experienced many successful group trips to China, Africa and more. 

For the solo travelers-

Solo Travelers will love traveling by train because it is safe, easy and a great way to explore several destinations in a single trip. Train trips are also very diverse, so it will be simple for guests to find the perfect trip. 

Adults-only destinations are essential for the solo traveler who is hoping to unwind and enjoy some peace and quiet. Having no kids running around is definitely a bonus if you are traveling alone and hoping to relax and soak up the sunshine.

For the family travelers-

Disney World and Disney Land are the perfect family trip for families of all ages and sizes! From meeting characters to riding roller coasters, the whole family will certainly enjoy the magic of Disney. The Universal  parks are also a hit with both the kids and the adults. 

Cruises are amazing for families because there is so much to do aboard that guests can never be bored! Kids can enjoy the water parks and the game rooms, while parents enjoy the amazing cuisine and the pools. It is also helpful for groups, because it is a way to unpack once, but see many destinations. 

LGBTQ+ travel-

While travel does not discriminate, Starship Travel is a Preferred Provider through LGBT We also have connections to provide exclusive, specialized trips and cruises just for the LGBT+ community.