South America

In total, there are 12 independent countries and 3 dependent territories in South America. The largest country by area and the most populated is Brazil. The smallest independent state is Suriname, it is the only nation in this region, speaking Dutch as an official language.

As for travel, the most visited among the South American countries are Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, the last being the home of the region’s most famous tourist attraction Machu Picchu, the mysterious city of the Incas.

  •  Argentina
  •  Bolivia
  • Brazil
  •  Chile
  • Colombia 
  • Ecuador
  •  Guyana
  • Paraguay
  •  Peru
  •  Suriname
  •  Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Our upcoming trip to South America

In February of 2022, Starship Travel is tackling Chile, Argentina and Uruguay with a group. They will be cruising around the Pacific and exploring South America. Contact for details!