I do, take two!

Destination weddings are perfect for vow renewals, anniversaries, or even for a unique second marriage! Hosting a ceremony on the beach or in a different city can be an adventure unlike any other. If you have already ‘been there and done that’ with a traditional wedding ceremony, this is the perfect opportunity to explore something new!

Because you and your guests will already be in a gorgeous location, it makes for the perfect excuse for a family vacation!

Vow renewal ceremonies are ideal for beautiful destinations, because clients have likely already done the big wedding. This is a chance to have an intimate ceremony in celebration of your love without spending all the extra expense. Instead, invest in the vacation of a lifetime with your loved ones.

Celebrating a milestone anniversary is best done on the beach. Or, exploring the streets of Italy or even a cruise! This is a special occasion, so it is the perfect opportunity to get the family together. It can also be a personal celebration between the two of you.

If this your second marriage, a destination wedding is something totally unique and will stand out in your guest’s minds. Contact us at 847-394-1155 if you are interested in booking the trip of your dreams!