Karen and Linda just arrived home from a wonderful trip to Aruba with their family.  Linda had not been back to Aruba since 1974 when she spent her honeymoon there, and just a short visit off of a cruise in 1987.  Wow has this incredible island changed.

There is so much to do and see here. We visited the Alta Vista Chapel which was the first church on the island.  which was built by Domingo Silvestre, the Venezuelan missionary from Santa Ana de Coro, Venezuela, in 1750. And it is extremely beautiful. 

 After, we were off to the Natural Bridge. It had collapsed in 2005, but the remaining view is still awesome to experience.

The Gold Mine Ruins were exciting to see due to the rich history behind them. Fun fact: In 1824, gold was finally discovered in Aruba, and the industry produced more than 3 million pounds of gold. 

Our next stop! Our tour guide (Linda’s daughter!) took us to the Murano Glass Blowing Exhibition where we were able to experience a glass-blowing demonstration live.  Linda was in Murano Italy a few years ago but the glass was so expensive, she was able to purchase a beautiful turtle here from a real Murano Glass Blower!

The California Lighthouse is a lighthouse located at Hudishibana near Arashi Beach on the northwest tip of Aruba. This lighthouse was named for the steamship California, which was wrecked nearby on September 23, 1891.  We visited the Lighthouse, had a snack at the food truck then later we had dinner at the wonder  Faro Blanca Restaurant for the stunning sunsets. There are some great restaurants in the area!

On behalf of our clients, we also participated in site inspections at a dozen or more properties.  We often visit properties as our slogan states “We Know What We Sell Because We Have Been There”.

Another stop was the Donkey Sanctuary!   This is an interesting “free”  place to stop and see how wonderful these people are taking care of lost donkeys.  Similar to an animal shelter for dogs and cats.  Speaking of….Robyn came home with a puppy, it was an extremely easy process! 

Oranjestad’s a unique blend of old and new that lends a distinctive charm to Aruba’s capital. A bustling harbor city, Oranjestad’s streets and malls are dotted with international luxury retailers, diverse boutiques, and dazzling jewelry stores.  Aruba has Casinos that is fun for entertainment, we were lucky and won a little!

There are also some beautiful sights in the area. From murals to plants, there was plenty to snap pictures of around town.

If exploring isn’t your thing, Aruba has stunning beaches and pools that are perfect for relaxing. There were also some amazing restaurants for the foodies to enjoy. The weather was perfect the entire time we were there, and the people were fabulous. It truly is “One Happy Island”! 

This trip has been spectacular- we will be back!