Where is Starship?

Our fantastic team of travel agents know what we sell because we travel to new places regularly. One of the perks of our business is doing regular property inspections and traveling to amazing places so we can better educate you when making your decisions.

Asia started my career as a travel professional.  I went to Seoul, Korea; Japan and Hong Kong and continued on to Kyoto in 1985 with a small group and I was hooked.  Since then I’ve been back to Hong Kong a 2nd time and onto Macao for a day trip.  China was the most recent highlight visiting my air, land, and sea!  We took in 5 unique cities from the incredible city Shanghai, the Yangtze River and the Great Wall of China in Beijing.  

The Caribbean region is located to the southeast of the North American continent and the Gulf of Mexico. The entire region is made up of more than 7,000 islands, islets (very small rocky islands), coral reefs, and cays (small, sandy islands above coral reefs).  I’ve been to almost all of the major ones either by cruise ship or fly in for a vacation.  Surprising, Mexico is included in the Caribbean along with Panama and Costa Rica not thought of but as Central America.  Mexico has 33 major cities, I have been to 8 or more of them mostly on vacation at an all inclusive or on an adventure like Veracruz.

Over the years, I have traveled Canada end to end. The different areas offer diversity in landscape, activities and aesthetics. Traveling Canada by train is an amazing way to sit back in luxury and see the country.  From Toronto, to Quebec and Montreal, and even Niagara Falls, Canada is worth the time to explore and enjoy. It is also so convenient to get to, as it is just North of the USA border.


I’ve been to 5 countries in Africa, yes Africa is a continent made up of  between 44-55 depending on who is asked. The most accurate count of countries for the continent of Africa is 54.  I’ve been in Tangier, Morocco in the way north of the continent; Tanzania on the east and South Africa to include Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  The 6 areas are so totally different and cannot be compared, the diversity of each is very unique.  

Even though I have been to 23 countries in Europe there at 21 more to see, there are 44 countries in all. I’ve traveled all over the world, but there is a lot more to visit and see. 


2019 has proven to be yet another great year at Starship Travel! We celebrated our 34th Anniversary in the travel industry.

Our  4th Annual Travel Show at the Elgin Country Club moved us forward in the travel community.  We introduced Starship Travel to South Elgin with our 2nd location- which was greatly needed!   Our presence has been noted and our growth is booming.

Our agents have traveled from coast to coast, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, Mexico, Jamaica and off on an exciting adventure to South Africa due to our never ending lust for life and excitement.  Our slogan, “we know what we sell … because we have been there”, still stands true!



2018 was a very busy year for Starship Travel, it also was a wonderful celebratory year.   The grand opening of Starship Travel West South Elgin has expanded our business considerably. Our agents and clients now have 2 main offices to work at- Arlington Heights and South Elgin. Starship Travel has also expanded to Peoria, Florida, Minnesota, in addition to the Milwaukee agents. The growth of Starship Travel is due to our wonderful staff and independent agents. Here are some of our best memories from throughout 2018. Thank you all for another full year.