Washington DC

Washington DC is not only our country’s capital, but a city to visit over and over again.   Karen and I had the opportunity of visiting many times.  Two of Karen’s kids went to GW University so we had the chance to see DC in various ways.  To see DC from the eyes of college students is so much fun.  We walked everywhere!  The monuments are breathtaking, and should be enjoyed not rushed.  One fond memory on our walking trip one evening we came upon the Korean War Memorial; the lights were low and the haunting feelings of walking in these footsteps were eerie and emotional. 

All the Smithsonian’s are free to enjoy for hours!  The restaurants are wonderful especially Old Ebbitt’s Grill. Another fond memory, we spent the 4th of July in our nations capital to see the fireworks.  Although over a million people were in attendance the experience was delightful, to be with friends and family and watch our country’s birthday celebration.

Arlington National Cemetery is a United States military cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., in whose 624 acres (253 ha) the dead of the nation’s conflicts have been buried, beginning with the Civil War, as well as reinterred dead from earlier wars. The United States Department of the Army, a component of the United States Department of Defense (DoD), controls the cemetery

I had the chance to visit the Pentagon.  Len’s son was a Lieutenant Colonel for the Air Force so we got a private tour, what an opportunity and privilege!  We saw the 911 Memorial which is a haunting, and very sad, moment. Arlington Cemetery and the changing of the guards is sad but a beautiful memory to our armed forced.  Our dad could have been buried here as a war veteran but we choose not to have him so far from home.