When Karen and Linda decided to go to Europe, we chose this area for many reasons.  Our great grandparents were from Buda and Pest (as it was known in the 1800’s).  They ventured to the US around 1898 and 1900, and our grandmother was born in New York in 1903. That is where our American family started; I am a 3rd generation American.  

While touring Budapest, we ventured to a church up in the hills where we found a bit of history about our family- the Josef Ferenzi family.  A bit of a curiosity, but worth the experience.  

Budapest is a wonderful city, and while touring, I asked our guide why would anyone leave such a lovely place in the late 1890’s, as nothing was going on back then. But people wanted to go to New York, the land of opportunity, so my great parents came.  Decades later, more than a hundred years later, I went to New York to what is called Tenement Square to see where my great grand parents landed, and to my surprise it was awful.  It was a one room hovel that as many as 6 people lived in.  But that is another story!

 Budapest is beautiful, we were there 3 days to experience the history, the foods, the markets and fabulous recipes.  We visited the Parliament and a train station that was transformed into a fabulous food and shopping mega center.  The visited the famous Baths, Heroes Square noted for his  fabulous 7 statues and the Royal Palace where we wound up in the middle of Changing of the Guards.

Watch the video below to find some fun things to do while in Budapest!