Letters from the President


2020 had really started out to be a banner year for Starship Travel, then Covid-19 hit, which caused one of the worst pandemics in history. Travel was wiped out, worldwide.  When we lost all bookings for Spring Break, Easter then beyond for the next 4 months, we were devastated.  However, with our perseverance we were able to protect all our valuable customers and their investment.  Not one of our clients lost their money.  

While people that booked with Costco and with the online agency like Expedia, there was no one to help them.  Bookit.com just closed their doors and left 1000’s of people with no reservations and no help.  People stayed on hold for up to 7 hours then were disconnected.  The credit card companies were not able to assist either, as they used a 3rd party.   But not with Starship Travel, our agents stayed on with the tour operators and airlines, on your behalf, and got the job done which saved your vacation and money.

During this debilitating situation Starship Travel agents, while in lockdown, took the time to update their training taking specialist courses to fresh destinations!  We took lots of webinar courses!  All our agents are well trained and ready to start booking your vacations again.

We updated all our social media, sent out monthly Newsletters with fresh ideas for future travel.  We sent out thank you cards to our customers with a coupon to be applied toward future vacations.  We needed to feel connected and stay in touch with our clients. 

Starship Travel is proudly celebrating over 34 years as a full-service travel agency. Established in 1986, we specialize in all-inclusive travel packages for honeymoons, family vacations including multi-generational packages.  We arrange destination weddings, including LGBTQ packages, to locations all over the world. 

We feel the way people will be traveling in the next few years is going to change!  We are focusing on seeing the USA.  The National Parks via train is an exciting way to see our natural wonders.  Canada is so close but we don’t see enough of our bordering country, now is the time.  Clients can drive or take a train through Canada on your way to Alaska, one of my favorite places in the world.   Alaska is a great state to see by land as an option to taking a cruise.  I traveled this way and loved it.  

We have 50 great states to see…see it for the 1st time a new and different way. Travel Route 66!  Travel to the Dakotas, see Colorado in the summer or ski in the winter.  The US has the most beautiful coast lines, from Maine to Florida, then the southern coast to Texas or travel the fabulous Pacific from California to Canada.  There is so much to see, experience, visit and explore.  Stop and smell the roses!  

Starship Travel work with some of the best hotel and cruise ship providers to serve our clients. These include Apple Vacations, Funjet Vacations,  United Vacations, Sandals and Beaches Resorts, Globus Family, Disney Travel.

We work with the best Ocean cruise companies like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Azamara, Holland America and Norwegian Cruise lines and Viking.  We specialize in River Cruises in various parts of the world.

We have personally been to East Africa and South Africa for safari, River Cruising in Europe, Ocean Cruise to Cuba.  We have been to 23 countries in Europe including Russia and the Scandinavian countries.   We followed our heritage to Hungary!  Our group trip to China was an unforgettable experience.

We are one of the only travel agencies who can boast “We know what we sell, because we have been there” and truly mean it. Our agents travel several times a year to inspect resorts and hotels before we recommend them to you. Feel comfortable knowing we can coordinate your vacation with a Starship representative who speaks from experience.

While we have merged our 2 locations into one South Elgin location, we are able to assist in all your travel needs.  Arlington Heights will be open by appointments with Voula and Rose.  Karen and Linda are in the South Elgin office full time. 

Just ask an agent for information today!

Covid 19 took our breath away temporarily.  We have lived through 9/11, Zika, H1N1, and hurricanes but we are back stronger than ever and ready to help you make your dreams come true.  Call us or email us, we are ready! 


WHy buying travel insurance is so important

Peace of mind goes along way. 

In the past few months, Starship Travel has had a sudden burst of cancellations or medical due to unforeseen causes, and all but one had travel insurance at the recommendation of Starship Travel and staff.  We strongly recommend travel insurance and request a signed waiver of denial of travel insurance. This is what we encountered this year already.

Scenario #1:

Mark and family went to Hawaii, a very healthy family- no insurance.  While swimming in the ocean, Mark was flipped by a sudden huge wave, thrown and broke his shoulder.  He wound up having surgery in Maui. Thank goodness it was in the United States so he was covered by his usual insurance.  However, the lost days of his vacation, and the added expenses for his family was not covered. Starship did our best to rearrange flights, hotels and transfers at no additional cost.  It was good will on our part.

Scenario #2

Jeff and family, 2 couples, traveled to Alaska.  While traveling in Alaska and ultimately Canada, “dad” got sick onboard the ship.  He was taken to the hospital in Victoria, Canada for a week before he was able to travel again.

They had Travel Insurance- this was fortunate as the coverage included medical. This is especially important, as they were in Canada.  His US insurance or Medicare would not cover him while in Canada. The ship cost was $8500.00, plus the hospital cost for a week. The cost of the insurance was included with the Cruise Cost at about $139.00 per person.  Well worth every dollar.

Scenario # 3

George and family had a huge trip planned for Paris for their 25th wedding anniversary.  His father, 79 years young and healthy, was not traveling with them, but on his own trip to Greece. He passed away at the same time George’s family was about to leave for Paris.  Thank goodness they had Travel Insurance. Everything was covered. Starship Travel was able to get a large portion of the trip refunded with the death certificate; the insurance company greatly appreciated our help and getting the family all their trip money returned.  Without insurance, this would have cost over $15,000. The insurance cost was around $485.000- truly a huge value.

Scenario #4

Kathy and Dan booked a huge trip to Dubai and South America at a cost of about $18,000.  Two weeks prior to travel their daughter, 44 years young, suddenly passed away. Our tour operators have worked diligently to cancel and refund as much as possible but they were in 100% penalty.   We were able to get the airline tickets refunded, and this was over $4400.00 of the trip. OMG- they had travel insurance at a cost of $1051.00, again well worth every dollar spent.


Scenario #5 

Charles booked an Alaskan Cruise with travel insurance to cover and include a preexisting condition.  Unfortunately, prior to departure, his illness flared up. With the travel insurance, he was completely covered.  The cruise cost was over $5700.00, and the insurance was included in his cruise package for $119.00 per person. There was no loss to the client except for the cost of the insurance.   

In all these cases the unexpected happened.  We may be very healthy and have no reason to anticipate anything going wrong, before or during your trip, but things happen.  In each scenario the cost and damage could have been extreme. “Travel Insurance was worth every dollar for peace and mind ”.