Costa Rica

We have been to Costa Rica in Central America three times and saw this amazing country 3 different ways.  The first time we went to the Tambor area, the 2nd time we went to the Arenal Area and Guanacaste Beach, and the 3rd time just to the Guanacaste Beach,  Each visit was so totally different and unique from each other; the city, the jungle and the beach. 

 A small group of us traveled to San Juan to experience the city then we took a bus, a boat and another bus to get to  the Playa Tambor area.  The trip was filled with culture, fun and beach.  We traveled via very small plane for our flight back to San Juan for our trip home. Click here to read more about the area. 

The great thing about staying in Playa Tambor Costa Rica is the diversity. For the area, it has many different types of restaurants and hotels to enjoy. You can be in the middle of the rainforest in a national park one minute and then be soaking up the sun on a fabulously luxurious private beach the next. Read more about the best things to do in Costa Rica here.

Tambor Costa Rica Bahia Ballena, the wide bay of Tambor Tambor is set in the valley of a large and calm horseshoe bay, the Bahia Ballena, which in English means whale bay. During dry season, these giants of the seas used to come into the bay. Nowadays with the increased coastal activity, whales no longer frequent the bay of Tambor.

Like fireworks at Disneyland, visitors used to flock to Arenal in hopes of seeing the nightly display of glowing red lava flowing from the near perfect cone of the mighty volcano. During the daytime, visitors explored Arenal rappelling down its waterfalls, hiking through its Rainforest and soaring through its valleys on zip lines.

It’s hard to believe Karen and Linda traveled to Arenal, and did as much as we did- hiking, mud baths, horse backing riding and the world famous 11 zip lines.  It was truly an adventure, Arenal is the place to be able to do so much in only a few days.

After Arenal, we went to the beach area of Guanacaste. Guanacaste, Costa Rica is a province located on the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and it has quickly become the number one Costa Rica vacation destination. 

With over 400 miles of coast line and surrounded by volcanos like the famous Rincon de la Vieja,  Guanacaste has world-class vacation destinations, hotels and all-inclusive resorts. It is also easily accessible thanks to the airport located in Libera which is the capital city of Guanacaste. Tourists travel from across the world to experience the pristine beaches and abundant rainforests, or to take a boat to the best snorkeling locations on earth.