California should be broken into 2 states as it is so large and so diverse.  Southern California is known for the beaches, theme parks and of course Hollywood.  San Diego is my favorite, truly a wonderful city to relax, see a ballgame- the Padres, Gastown has delectable restaurants and huge convention center that attracts many visitors annually.  San Diego is the gateway to go north to Anaheim, home to Disneyland, then onto Legoland, Universal Studios and Seaworld for the theme park goers.  There is so much to do in the Los Angeles area but not my favorite as the traffic is difficult and getting to the beaches is difficult.

Disney Land

Los angeles with ncl

Newport Beach

Working your way north the is Santa Barbara,  Newport Beach and many more.  Each city is unique with great sandy beaches great for surfing, shopping, antiquing and so much more.  I love getting out of the big city and just explore the various cities on my way to the north.

SAn francisco

Northern California is a bevy of smaller cities before getting to the Golden Gate of San Francisco and the gateway to the Napa Valley, the wine country.   San Fran, nickname, is known for the wonderful Wharf Area and of course Union Station and Ghirardelli Square and the famous Lombard Street.  This area is made up of restaurants, world trade piers, the animals enjoying the weather and just a great area to wonder.  A must see is the Giant Redwoods and so much more. Alcatraz, the infamous prison stands broadly outside of the wharf area, an interesting place to visit.  Everytime I go to California, I am wide eyes to see and enjoy even more.

Here are some more ideas, we would love to help you plan your itinerary!

Click here to watch the Elephant Cam at San Diego Zoo, they are very active and fun to watch!