In 2016, Starship traveled all over Eastern Europe on an Azamara Cruise, including Germany! 

After St Petersburg, we went onto Lubeck, Germany a small quaint town in the northwestern part of the country, We took a bus ride through the territory to another small museum, a graduation celebration was taking place so we were able to mingle with the locals, so sweet.    

Berlin was next stop on our very busy journey.  The bus trip was 3 hours, each way, but well worth the time.   We stopped along the way to visit an army museum sought with ‘a piece of the Berlin wall’ for us to see.  The museum, 2 parts, was very interesting to be able to see maps and war uniforms and displays which truly explained a lot of missing pieces from my history memory banks.  It was emotional to know our dad was in WWII fighting for our future. I could almost feel my dad’s presents here.

We continued to the city of Berlin, a blossoming town.  It is hard to visualize the devastation that took this city was only 70 years ago.  We went to “check point Charlie”, a replica was even so…we could experience the feeling of what the Germans felt during the War.

The portion of the wall that remains is protected by law, no one can damage this part of history.  The art work is thought provoking and beautiful, for lack of a better word.  The story of the wall going up is unbelievable.  The original fence which is 106 miles around the city was constructed by 41 thousand soldiers in ONE night.  

It is said a couple had a young infant, the parents decided to go out to dinner and left the baby with the grandparents.  While out to the dinner the wall was built leaving the parents on one side of the wall, the child was on the other side of the wall.  They did not see their child again for 28 years, until the wall came down.  The wall came down 27 years ago, but the memory is still there.  

The Holocaust Memorial is truly a beautiful memory but unfortunately people think it is an art piece, kids crawling all over it, couples taking pictures standing on it instead of realizing it is a memorial.  The people don’t want to remember, so sad this really did happen- 6 million died in that war.