I have been to Panama several times but totally different type of trip. There are 2 ways to see the country, the beaches are fabulous and a vacation is lovely but I would not suggest doing this as there is so much to see and do.  The country is made up of three totally diverse areas, the city, the jungle area and the beaches.  The 1st time we did the beaches and a day trip to the city of Panama, I don’t recommend this as the journey back and forth was timely.  I suggest a split trip, city, jungle and beach.  A must do is the Panama Canal half day visit to include the most fascinating Visitor Center depicting  the building of the Panama Canal, we spent several hours there.

The jungle area is a very well spent visit whether a day or several.  We took a jungle cruise and even ‘saving a drowning baby monkey”.

The walking tour of the city was extremely interesting from the Shantytowns to the towering hotels and businesses!  The history of the people and especially the building of the Panama Canal not only changed the landscape but the economy of this country.  The landscape is beautiful and should be taken at a slower pace to enjoy and savor, this should not be rushed.

A diverse multicultural city of almost 1.3 million, Panama City offers a lot more than an up-close view of the Canal. Shantytowns slink up alongside shiny high-rise condos. The Old City is an atmospheric labyrinth of churches, plazas and palaces. Fifteen miles from downtown Panama City, Soberania National Park is an excellent destination for hiking and birding. For a fascinating look at the canal, take a taxi or local bus to Miraflores Locks Visitor Center and look down on the traffic below.

While in Panama, Starship Travel had the opportunity to spend time at an orphanage and we even attended their Christmas party! See pictures here or click here for more ideas on what to do while in Panama. We would love to plan your itinerary.