Whether you go to London for a long weekend or a week, you will never be bored.  This is an amazing and captivating city full of culture, live theater, museums, architecture, and food. I’ve been to London several times to just see theater and sightsee for a long weekend.  I took a group to Italy , our connecting flight brough us via London so we extended for 3 nights sightseeing.  The On/Off Hopper bus is the best way to get around and see as much as possible, it’s also the transportation to get around. Our day trip took us to the world famous Harrod’s, it is a must on a visit.  Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards is a highlight.  To wrap up a special visit the London Eye is special with great views on the Thames River and the London Bridge, the blue one.  Another way to get around is the “tube”, London’s famous transportation.

One trip we hired a private driver and went all around …even to the Clink!  Did you ever wonder how jails got the name?   

Another time I took a group to London, the Countryside and Scotland via an escorted bus tour for 8 nights.  This is a great way of visiting a lot of places and leave the driving to someone else, especially when having to drive on the wrong side of the road, or it that the correct side of the street?  This trip took us out to the countryside of England to see Stonehenge and the wonder “how was it built and what is it”.  Everyone has an opinion.  The we went up to Bath, Wales and Edinburg home of St Andrews Golf Course, the oldest course and home of the British Open.   We did get to take pictures and “pretend” to play.  

I could go on for days writing about our  experiences and sharing our trip, how about making your own memories, call Starship Travel to book your next adventure!

Click here to see London as its never been seen before, as we struggle through this pandemic. Or, tour Buckingham Palace here, for a glimpse of the Queen’s house!