We just came back Saturday from our Disneyland/Universal Hollywood vacation.  We had an awesome time!

Thank you so much for booking our trip and showing us how to use the Disney app. Everything went perfectly from our fights to our hotel reservations and park tickets.  The parks weren’t very crowded and we got to go on every ride, some even twice. Our daughter was in Nintendo World heaven at Universal. At Paradise Pier they gave us a free upgrade, our room was a suite and had two huge bathrooms and two tv’s and a view of the fireworks from our window. I asked why we got the upgrade and the hotel  lady said because it was my birthday and our 25th anniversary. I guess it pays to wear those celebration buttons.  So, I wore my Disney Happy Birthday button on the plane ride home. The fight attendants saw my button and wished me a happy birthday. Then later in the flight, after the snack and drinks, the flight attendants came to my seat and brought me a tray of food which included different kinds of cheese, crackers, grapes and Frango mints. They also gave me a slice of raspberry coffee cake with a make shift candle since they couldn’t light a real one. What a great surprise! This was on United Airlines.

Rose, next time we go on vacation we will definitely be booking our trip with you again.



We all had a great time! We even did the jet skis, while it rained on & off, but still breathtaking views. I’m not sure how far out the clearest water was, but we all went to it & just gazed in awe.

There’s a system to know if you want to do the specialty dinning before it fills up. We did 2 of those. The buffets never disappoint with the daily change of variety. They also don’t cook with a lot of butter. I grabbed a chef, most meals, & they went around with me & told me all the things that I could eat, because of my fairly allergy. They were fantastic about that. I was still able to try such a variety of foods & flavors that I normally wouldn’t have. 

They were building a new resort next door, but other than the blow horn at 7am, it really wasn’t a big deal. We were happy to be in Aruba! Also, I was entranced by watching the workers, while relaxing on the porch because Bob was watching tv. Ha ha ha  The view & the sound of the wind going through the grass, like waves, at bird sanctuary was cool to me as well. Hypnotic.

The daily sound of the water & the view overlooking it, was priceless. We will return! 

Thank you for all of your help,



We had such an amazing time in Switzerland!  Sorry I didn’t respond sooner- lots going on since we’re home!  

We all sat down and talked about what we loved and what we would do  differently if we went again, so I’m sending some feedback for future clients!  Obviously not everyone has the same interests, but hopefully some of this info will be helpful.

I know we booked our own flights, but they were excellent!  We highly recommend British Airways and the timing was perfect to help with jetlag.  We flew out at 7pm and arrived the following afternoon in Switzerland.  The trip home was delayed a bit, but we left early afternoon and arrived home around 10pm and experienced little to no jetlag!

Our first hotel in Zurich was Glockenhof – very nice and good breakfast included!  We loved the area and would have stayed there a little longer if we knew!  The Rhine Falls tour was excellent!  We did the optional boat ride, which is a must, and got some cool pictures!

The next tour was the Lindt Chocolate Factory and City Tour – another fun day!  We so enjoyed the views on the boat ride over  to the the chocolate factory and the tour was great!  We loved the chocolate tasting & we bought lots of chocolate, of course!  We were at our leisure to leave when we were done and had the transportation tickets to get back.

The train to get to Lucerne was easy even though we were not sure exactly what we were doing!  

The hotel in Lucerne (Hotel de la Paix) was our least favorite.  It was super small & not air conditioned and it was pretty warm while we were there! The location was good so that helped!  The breakfast was nothing special.   Although we were not fans of the hotel, the town was awesome!  We  all definitely want to go back and spend more time there!  We were only there 2 nights so did not have nearly enough time to explore.  It was a super cute area with a lot of beautiful views! The tour we did from there was Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe.  This was the best tour!!!  The stop in Interlaken was way too brief and we were rushed to get back to the bus.  We had heard great things about Interlaken so were disappointed not to see more and have much time.  The rest of the day was fantastic!  The gondola ride up the mountain gave us the most breathtaking views and the cogwheel train through the mountains was great too! The best part was arriving at the top and looking out over the snow covered mountains!  We walked out on the plateau in the snow, which was a unique experience!  This tour was a highlight for all of us! 

The train trip to Geneva was a long one, but again, not too difficult. The only issue was the fact that it said it was ending at the Geneva Airport and our transfer said we were being picked up at the train station. None of the stops said they were the train station. Thankfully the driver for our transfer texted because he saw our train was running behind.  He told us the name of the station and we got off at what appeared to be the train depot and he was on the platform waiting for us! That should have been made clear with our tickets since we had to exit before the final stop.

The transfer to the hotel was totally unnecessary as the hotel was directly across the street from the station!  It took longer to drive there than it would have to walk there since he did a circle around the block!

The Warwick Hotel was beautiful & we were happy to have A/C again! The first tour from there was the Golden Gruyere/Chocolate Factory.  We were worried about it being redundant since we did the Lindt factory, but the chocolate factory tour was very different and the cheese factory tour and tasting was a unique experience!  The Golden Pass train ride was a little unnecessary as the trees blocked a lot of the nice views, but it was relaxing after a long day. I think we would have been fine with ending a little earlier since we had some very busy days!

The final tour was booked through Viator  – Chamonix and Mont Blanc. The town of Chamonix was very cute and we enjoyed our time there even though it was brief. The train up was fun and the views and ice caves were amazing, but there were over 500 steps down & back up, so that was not an easy trek!  The glacier is also almost gone as it has melted over time, so not sure how much longer that trek will be available.  Unfortunately, we were some of only a handful of people out of 2 full buses that did not get the cable car part of the tour.  We also were not given a tour of any kind of Chamonix.  They dropped us off and gave us very little info on what we were to do.  Their instructions for the train were very unclear and we ended up figuring things out on our own.  This tour was absolutely NOT worth over $700 for the 4 of us to do.  I’m sure we could have made our way to France for a lot less and done the day on our own.

Overall, we wish we had spent less time in Geneva (busy city with less to explore) and more time in Lucerne and Zurich.  We are hoping to go back to Switzerland someday to explore those areas more!  

Thank you for helping us plan an unbelievable trip!  We had so much fun and made amazing memories!  The experience was one we will never forget!

(Hope this helps for future travelers!  I only pointed out some of the negatives so you would know things that could  change to make it even better.  The trip itself was excellent!!)

Oh!  Forgot to mention that after seeing people paragliding in Interlaken, we took the train back to a small town from Geneva for my son & husband to give it a try!  My husband enjoyed it but said it was a one time thing! My son is obsessed with it and wants to do it again!!!


Rose Peters & Starship Travel,

Bruce and I had Rose help us Plan our Hawaii Trip in December, 2022. We wanted to Cruise on the NCL Pride of America Ship in Hawaii in June,2023. 

Rose suggested Arriving to Honolulu 1-3 days prior to our Cruise. Rose Pre Arranged our Airline Flights, Hotel Accommodations & helped us Add 2 Excursions in Honolulu, the Polynesion Cultural Center & Pearl Harbor. Both were Great choices!

All Transportation between the Airport, Hotel & the Pier were Pre Arranged.

We would Highly Recommend Rose Peters and Starship Travel for Travel needs! 

It was a Fantastic Trip!


Good morning,

 My name is precious T . This is my second time using Rose as my travel agent and both times Rose has delivered everything requested I looked for in my trip. This past March my husband and I took a trip to Cabo. The trip was amazing. Starting from the airport getting through was a breeze. Once we landed we had a car to our hotel. Check in was great. Rose put together a great itinerary for our excursions. I truly appreciate Rose, she is by far the only travel professional I will ever use. 


We would like to thank you immensely for a carefree, pleasant vacation.  You took the hassle out of completing all the details necessary to book the flights, car rental and the hotel. 

The hotel was not only convenient to the airport, and offered a very extensive breakfast, but it was also near a variety of other restaurants within walking distance.

It had excellent room accommodations.

The car was more than sufficient for our needs.

Thank you again Rose.  We would definitely use your services again.

Jo Ann

Jerry and I want to thank you for the wonderful tours and accommodations you arranged for our 40th anniversary/my birthday in Vegas.  We had a wonderful time.  The Bellagio, of course, was beautiful, well placed on the strip, and provided a lovely room with a great view of the mountains.  The staff was superb.  We enjoyed the buffet there on our last morning.  As always, unimaginable food offerings.

We had second row seats at Mystere.  Of course, Cirque was fantastic and being so close to the action was thrilling.  And, you were spot on, the Lip Smacking Foodie supper tour was great.  The tour guide was well-trained and on top of his game, the restaurants did offer the promised preferred seating arrangements with attentive staff and signature entrée (great portions-not a dish we didn’t like).  Mastro’s was the last restaurant of the evening with a spectacular dessert offering.  They all offered plastic cups for take-away drinks and Mastro’s offered boxes for take-away desserts.  The dining room area at Javier’s was especially sumptuous and nicely appointed.  J. Sorrono’s presentation of their paella dish was very appetizing. We included the extra signature cocktail package — all three were very tasty. 

We remembered your tips about the escalators for walkways and the tram for the transfer to Ario Resort.  All went smoothly.  Your e-mail notes/reminders have given us a picture of the professional, friendly, all-inclusive services you offer.  Thank you for the birthday note as well.

We look forward to visiting you soon to plan another adventure.


My trip to Oceans Eden Bay was a beautiful place. The hospitality was excellent. The food was really good. I really enjoyed our stay there.

So the Mobay privilege was a plus definitely a plus. Thanks for that Rose!


We just returned from Hawaii at the end of last week, and wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU! We had an amazing time in Hawaii and really enjoyed our time with the Perillo Tours group. It was very well organized and the accommodations & meals were so great! We would highly recommend for any future clients that you may have seeking a trip to Hawaii! 

Thank you again and we will absolutely reach out to you with any future travel coordination needs!


The trip was absolutely amazing! With the exception of the long trip to the resort, I enjoyed every second from the moment I stepped off the transfer bus. The trip was just perfect for the four of us.The resort and staff were extra welcoming and just beautiful.  We were treated like royalty the entire time. Dinner on the beach was comp’d by the resort and it was so amazing, right at sunset.  

We also took a Catamaran excursion to Ricks Cafe’ and had an absolute ball!  Club Mobay was an added bonus, so again thank you so much.

I could not have dreamed of a more fabulous 60th birthday.

Thank you so much!!!


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