Destination Weddings

What to know about destination weddings

There are many things to consider when planning a destination wedding such as the location, the season/weather and the availability of your guests. Destination weddings are absolutely worth it, once you sort out all the details, which is where we come in! Here are some major things to consider when planning your dream destination wedding.


1. The Perfect Location

This is most important detail to figure out because it will impact the mood, the pricing, and the timing. Many people choose to tie the knot on a gorgeous sandy beach, but you are not limited to the beach! There are beautiful mountain backgrounds, city landscapes or even the Grand Canyon. This decision is very personal and should reflect your shared style and passions.

2. The Time of Year

If you chose to book during tourist season, it is important to book well in advance to ensure there are plenty hotel and venue accommodations. An early booking can also score you a lower rate, which allows you to spend more on other aspects of your big day. The shoulder season is also a great option for fewer crowds and lower pricing, but the weather may not be as ideal.


3. Give Your Guests Plenty of Notice

To ensure all your most important guests can attend, let your bridal party know that you are planning a destination wedding before asking them to stand with you. Not everyone can afford these trips, or they may need substantial notice to save up and get off work. Other guests also need at least 8 months of a heads-up in order to save the date! A shorter timeline might mean less of your family and friends will be able to attend. 


4. Do Your Research!

While not everyone can or wants to take a separate trip to their destination, it would be extremely helpful to travel there before the wedding to scope out venues, hair/makeup and caterers. However, Starship Travel is extremely knowledgeable on these destinations and we have likely been there before! We also have the necessary connections to make your dreams come true without needing an additional trip. We can also find resources for you to view in order to get the best idea of what your wedding will look like.

5. Consider Local Marriage Requirements

This is another detail that Starship Travel will assist you with! Some countries have a residency requirement before you can legally marry there (there’s a wide range from 24 hours to 40 days). In these cases, you might consider making it government official before traveling, but having your ceremony in your dream destination. 


6. Chose Appropriate Attire

Your dream dress should also be weather appropriate for your dream destination! Shoes are also important to consider due to sand, rocks or any other challenges.

It’s also important to ask for help- that’s where we come in! We are professionals and have experience doing many destination weddings. We are here to make your life easier!

Why destination weddings are the best

1. Check something off your bucket list- If you have been dreaming of visiting a destination, then there is no better time than the most memorable day of your life! Setting your wedding at your dream destination allows you to experience more and creates a very memorable experience for your friends and family.

2. Makes for amazing photo ops- A banquet hall can be beautiful, but it is very costly to decorate to your tastes. Save the money on decorations and choose a location with it’s own natural beauty such as the sandy beaches of Jamaica or the Italian Countryside.The pictures are sure to turn out incredible and very unique from anyone else’s!

3. Cut your guest list in half- By moving your location out of town, you are less likely to invite people out of obligation, and you can focus on those who truly matter. A smaller wedding feels more personal and will also save you money. Everyone will feel super important to the bride and groom, because they know the guest list was limited.

an Example package

Here is an example of a fairly normal package along with example prices of some add-ons. The cost for this destination wedding package is just under $1000.00 This package includes (for up to 10 guests):

  • The services of the onsite wedding coordinator

  • Room upgrade for the wedding couple

  • Bridal bouquet

  • Boutonniere for the Groom

  • Romantic suite decoration for the couple (rose petals, aromatherapy, candles, etc)

  • Marriage ceremony performed by a bilingual Secular Officiant

  • Symbolic wedding certificate

  • Witness

  • Decorated oceanfront wedding gazebo or beach location

  • Sound system for the ceremony

  • Champagne toast after the ceremony

  • Semi-private reception after the ceremony

  • Wedding cake

  • Champagne and fruit to the suite of the wedding couple on the wedding night


As you can see, this covers the basic parts of a wedding.  If you’re going to have more than 10 guests, you can simply pay a per person rate for more guests.

There are also a multitude of additional upgrades you can add to this basic package.  For instance, if it is important for you to have a Catholic priest do your wedding, that will add $500 to the total.  If flowers are your deal, you can upgrade your flowers and add more flowers to your wedding.  Costs will vary greatly.  Would you like a live harpist?  That will cost $450. Pretty much anything you’d like, your resort can likely accomplish it for you!

A good rule of thumb is to pick the lowest package where you will use everything in that package, and add the things that it does not include.  For instance, this same resort has a Luxury Wedding Package for almost $10,000.00  that includes the photographer, lots of spa treatments, several live musicians along with much more.  Since most packages don’t allow you to substitute items with in the destination wedding package, you shouldn’t use a package that has a lot of things in it that you don’t want.  Pick a smaller package and add on the things you need.

We have done weddings from as low as $5,000 up to $65,000.  The price is based on the number of guests and how elaborate you want the events to be. At whatever price point you choose, having your loved ones all together for a few days away from the normal concerns of life is a wonderful way to start the rest of your life.