We just came back Saturday from our Disneyland/Universal Hollywood vacation.  We had an awesome time!

Thank you so much for booking our trip and showing us how to use the Disney app. Everything went perfectly from our fights to our hotel reservations and park tickets.  The parks weren’t very crowded and we got to go on every ride, some even twice. Our daughter was in Nintendo World heaven at Universal. At Paradise Pier they gave us a free upgrade, our room was a suite and had two huge bathrooms and two tv’s and a view of the fireworks from our window. I asked why we got the upgrade and the hotel  lady said because it was my birthday and our 25th anniversary. I guess it pays to wear those celebration buttons.  So, I wore my Disney Happy Birthday button on the plane ride home. The fight attendants saw my button and wished me a happy birthday. Then later in the flight, after the snack and drinks, the flight attendants came to my seat and brought me a tray of food which included different kinds of cheese, crackers, grapes and Frango mints. They also gave me a slice of raspberry coffee cake with a make shift candle since they couldn’t light a real one. What a great surprise! This was on United Airlines.

Rose, next time we go on vacation we will definitely be booking our trip with you again.