We all had a great time! We even did the jet skis, while it rained on & off, but still breathtaking views. I’m not sure how far out the clearest water was, but we all went to it & just gazed in awe.

There’s a system to know if you want to do the specialty dinning before it fills up. We did 2 of those. The buffets never disappoint with the daily change of variety. They also don’t cook with a lot of butter. I grabbed a chef, most meals, & they went around with me & told me all the things that I could eat, because of my fairly allergy. They were fantastic about that. I was still able to try such a variety of foods & flavors that I normally wouldn’t have. 

They were building a new resort next door, but other than the blow horn at 7am, it really wasn’t a big deal. We were happy to be in Aruba! Also, I was entranced by watching the workers, while relaxing on the porch because Bob was watching tv. Ha ha ha  The view & the sound of the wind going through the grass, like waves, at bird sanctuary was cool to me as well. Hypnotic.

The daily sound of the water & the view overlooking it, was priceless. We will return! 

Thank you for all of your help,