Jerry and I want to thank you for the wonderful tours and accommodations you arranged for our 40th anniversary/my birthday in Vegas.  We had a wonderful time.  The Bellagio, of course, was beautiful, well placed on the strip, and provided a lovely room with a great view of the mountains.  The staff was superb.  We enjoyed the buffet there on our last morning.  As always, unimaginable food offerings.

We had second row seats at Mystere.  Of course, Cirque was fantastic and being so close to the action was thrilling.  And, you were spot on, the Lip Smacking Foodie supper tour was great.  The tour guide was well-trained and on top of his game, the restaurants did offer the promised preferred seating arrangements with attentive staff and signature entrée (great portions-not a dish we didn’t like).  Mastro’s was the last restaurant of the evening with a spectacular dessert offering.  They all offered plastic cups for take-away drinks and Mastro’s offered boxes for take-away desserts.  The dining room area at Javier’s was especially sumptuous and nicely appointed.  J. Sorrono’s presentation of their paella dish was very appetizing. We included the extra signature cocktail package — all three were very tasty. 

We remembered your tips about the escalators for walkways and the tram for the transfer to Ario Resort.  All went smoothly.  Your e-mail notes/reminders have given us a picture of the professional, friendly, all-inclusive services you offer.  Thank you for the birthday note as well.

We look forward to visiting you soon to plan another adventure.