Rhonda Bragg

Travel Advisor

Rhonda Bragg is a travel enthusiast with over 25 years of traveling experience. Some of her favorite destinations include The Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Hawaii, and Cuba. Dominican Republic is by far one of her favorite vacations, of course, as this is where her and her husband had their blissful destination wedding. Her love for the tropics make her an expert on honeymoon travel, group getaways, family reunions, school reunions, romantic getaways, and even solo trips! 

While most people travel to escape life (I can be guilty of this at times), Rhonda recommends that we travel to regain life, to step into the unknown and let this new culture bring us closer to our own. She thinks of traveling as medicine, a therapeutic exercise that can open our hearts and minds to the vast world around us. Rhonda feels that while your goal is to have exciting excursions, beautiful tours, and unique experiences, it is also important that we come back from these destinations better than when we left. She believes that our life somehow makes more sense after seeing other parts of the world. Rhonda is adamant that a true travel agent’s job is to guide that path, to help you regain life, find yourself, and come back with an even better appreciation of the world you were so familiar with. 

Rhonda is here to help you achieve these dreams, to help you bring peace in the loudest of cities, to guide you through the Catacombs of Paris, and most importantly to ensure that this experience is a joyous one.

Please contact her for your future travel needs at rhonda.bragg@starshiptravel.com.