NCL Breakaway-Mexico

Recently Linda had the wonderful opportunity to sail the beautiful NCL Breakaway out of New Orleans. We flew into New Orleans a day early so that we could enjoy all the history and beauty of the city! We stopped for a sample of famous Beignets, hit the casino, and enjoyed local restaurants and music. 

After our wonderful day in New Orleans we were ready to continue our journey. The following Morning we boarded the NCL Breakaway- which had a very interesting itinerary to many places (believe it or not) that I had not been to before, Costa Maya, Roatan, Honduras, Belize, Harvest Cay- a NCL private island. Harvest Cay was fabulous, I wish I had known more about the Island before I went, there was so much to do and enjoy! Although the cruise ports were not very important to us, we did take a short boat tour in Belize and were able to see many exciting sea animals.

 The entertainment onboard was exceptional and the ship, although quite large, was easy to get around and navigate. We decided to stay in the AFT cabin near the elevator. It provided much convenience for the restaurants, the pool deck, and the many other things the ship had to offer! Through our NCL journey, we chose to have 5 specialty restaurants, 2 were included in our package, then we opted for 3 more to further enhance our cruise experience while enjoying fine dining. Overall, the NCL Breakaway was a wonderful ship, as well as all the new places I was able to visit!