Jamaica Funjet 500 Trip

To kick-off summer, Starship Travel traveled to Jamaica with Funjet for their 500 Gold and Platinum Trip. Linda and Karen went to the Bellefield Great House, several site inspections, and relaxed at the beach. They stayed at the gorgeous Secrets St. James hotel in Montego Bay, and were greeted with great music and entertainment. The Cocktail Gala Reception and Dinner was an amazing opportunity to connect with other agents and a very fun night. Thank you, Funjet- working with you is always a pleasure!

Mixing work with play, they went golfing at the Cinnamon Hill golf course and swam with dolphins at Dolphin Cove. The golf course had a gorgeous view of the old aqua-ducts that used to be used for retrieving fresh water from the mountains. At the Dolphin Cove, there are dolphins, stingrays and even camels nearby. Seeing the dolphins perform tricks is always a blast!

While in Jamaica, Starship took the opportunity to explore three different hotels during site inspections and listen to a presentation by Funjet. All the properties they looked at were beautiful. During their presentation, Funjet also set up a give-back opportunity for a local family whose home was burned down. The family was given clothing and donations from all the travel agencies to help them get back on their feet.