50th Anniversary MAST Conference Chicago

MAST Conference Chicago 2019


Starship Travel works closely with the company Midwest Agents Selling Travel, so we were excited to celebrate its 50th anniversary in Chicago for the conference. Linda, Karen, Jan, Rose and Rossann had an amazing time learning of new product updates and exploring downtown Chicago.


The theme of the event was “Sweet Home Chicago” due to MAST’s roots in Chicago. We attended many interesting seminars presented by Steve Gillick, Ryan McElroy and Vicki Freed, the Senior Vice President of Royal Caribbean. All these speakers had interesting thoughts and ideas for improving our business. To reflect the theme, MAST hosted a ‘Roaring 20s and Prohibition Party’ at the Untitled Supper Club. All the Starship Travel agents had fun dressing the part and dancing.

Starship had a blast walking around and viewing the intriguing sculptures throughout the city. Linda and Karen participated in the Loop Interior Architecture Walking Tour with Pedway which allowed them to see some of the most iconic buildings downtown. The Village is the oldest Italian restaurant in Chicago, built in 1927. The Marquette building was built in 1895 and is still standing in restored condition today. Rossann loved the Chicago’s History of Jazz and Blues Tour. All these special events were hosted by MAST. On our last day, Jan closed our time in the city with the House of Blues brunch.

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